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Using traditional media and other digital platforms has pushed the cost per lead in the Life Insurance market to a point where it is no longer profitable. Our client needed a new source of high quality leads that would convert at 15% or more to get their business growing again. 


We identified their ideal customers, people who earned R15 000 or more per month and were actively looking for a solution to their problem. 

We also created tightly defined lookalike audiences based on the ideal customer profile. Our offer focused on content that visitors could use right away to help their situation through to a carefully constructed offer for those people who were looking for immediate help.


We currently supply our client with over 4000 high quality sales leads per month and with conversion rates consistently sitting at 15.2% they are finally able to achieve sales targets without over spending on their advertising budget. Generating a fantastic, measurable ROI. The P-Factors are consistenly  in th 6-7% range for higher income leads and at 2-3% for medium income leads.


'Their commitment to ensuring we get great quality leads at the right CPL means we always get a great ROI. In our industry it is all about getting the right volume and quality, which are delivered to us consistently'.





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Selling Real Estate, especially in this type of market, is very complicated. The market is saturated with new developments popping up everywhere. Competition is rife and getting qualified buyers in a limited pool is difficult. Before partnering with Worldwide-LEADS, we did not expect that we would be able to use digital marketing to sell high value homes with reasonable ease. We have been getting 10 new leads consistently each and every day - which has made the jobs of our salespeople much easier. Worldwide-LEADS campaign's have had a direct result in multi-millions Rands in sales value. I cannot recommend them enough!  




One of the  a leading Life Insurance providers in South Africa have introduced a Funeral Insurance offering that is one of the best on the market. This is a highly competitive space with some of the big players already very well established and owning the majority of the market share. There is however always room for an innovative new Funeral Cover, we just needed to be able to get it in front of the right audience and have them convert into high quality leads.


With in depth research we managed to identify and laser target their perfect client by monthly income along with a number of other strictly defined parameters. We also used lookalike audiences of these ideal customers. The offer needed to be informative and make the potential new client really think about either taking out funeral insurance cover for the first time, or to start asking themselves if they must compare what they currently have against our clients new offering.


Our lead generation system currently supplies our client with over 1000 high quality leads per month and with the cost per lead being a very important factor in this cutthroat space, we are keeping them very competitive and profitable. The ROI is good and the quality of leads are proving to be the main driving factor behind the success if their campaign. 

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